Super Excited.

I am getting ready to head out to Portland and Seattle tomorrow.

Today my other halfs sister invited me to her birthday party. His family seemed very happy to see me again, and told me I am more then welcome to come over ANYTIME, and even on holidays.

So I am guessing they like me :)

Also got to see his god-baby and she is cute as ever. It was funny. His family was asked why they weren't using a rocker, and they said they were saving it for when Schan has a child (mind you he wasn't in the room) and his mom instantly looked at me. I was like O_o

But they also asked me for a Christmas own FAMILY doesn't ask me that. So this is all new to me.

Alive and well...

I just want to let everyone know I am still alive. Just alot is going on right now in my life (and no, none of it is bad). And I am just doing my best to just live life the best to my ability.

Schan and I are doing really well. We celebrated 3 months last week and it was a fantastic time what all we did. We are both looking forward to next month cause we will be driving to Seattle/Portland to visit my family. This will be the first time in almost 8 years that this side of my family will meet someone I am involved with. I have met most of Schan's immediate family and they seem to really like me. Heck I even heard Thanksgiving/Christmas being talked about.

Anyways here is alittle cute picture I will care to share with everyone :)

Little Audrey holding "Auntie Bear's" (that would be me) fingers hostage while she sleeps. Schan was the one holding her when this picture was taken.

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...Well that is a feeling I would like to feel again...

Schan likes to mess with my ears (cause I enjoy it...I wont lie) and he pretty much took out a plug from my ear with the o-ring and all still attached.

My ear fucking hurts like a bitch and he was freaking out thinking he tore the whole lobe

How Ironic...

This morning when Schan and I went for our walk I asked him about the other day when I opened up with him and asked him if it was to much and explained to him that I keep alot to myself. I dont like to lean on anyones shoulders for help with my past. I dont like to burdon people.

He said everything was fine, and I worry too much.

That was followed by a long hug as I did my damn hardest to hold back tears.

He is the type of person that if he felt he needed to "go away" he would. So the fact that he stayed, and stuck by my side for the morning walk and held my hand the whole time...

It really reassured me that things will be okay.

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I think today I may have been too open with Schan.
But I wanted to get everything out on the table.
I would rather loose him now then before I fall too hard for him.

I will ask him in a few days if there is any problems/concerns he has now...
It didn't seem like it and he said everything was fine, but I want to play it safe. would suck if I screwed things up

...Awww nothing like...

I think I about died this morning. I set my phone alarm for 8am, and not 6am. I didn't get up in time to go for Schan and I's walk this morning like we have been doing 5 days a week for the last 2 months.

I shot awake after I felt someone sit on the edge of my bed (right near my back) and got a bottle of orange juice put infront of my face. He told me obviously my body wanted more sleep so we ended up just relaxing and cuddleing watching some TV before he had to leave to host as a DM for a D&D campaine.

I was trying to be a good host and get up to turn on the tv, but instead Schan shot up and put out his hands to stop me and said. "NO relax! cause its game over for you."


...Two things...

This picture is proof of two things...

1) I can smile...
2) I am wearing pink...

Both of these things aren't normal for me, but yet I have been doing them frequently in the last few months. What...the...fuck.

--> I said I would get a better picture of Schan and I :) <--
(also sorry we look goofy, he said he was going to put bunny or moose ears on my head and I was flipping out to the point we just started laughing, so...yea :P)


Extra pictures for your enjoyment:

** I would make a cut in this post, but sadly I kinda forgot how to do it, and I am too lazy to go and find out how or a old post of mine and copy and paste :P SO I AM SORRY!**

...Had a good LOL moment...

stuck at work until 7am...then heading to my friends to play D&D in the morning. But I am feeling like a dumb shit cause I have to drive ALL the way home before to pick up my dice and character sheet because I failed to grab them before work.

In other news, I leave you with a LOL moment. I find it very funny when someone offers to crack your back and after they do they freak out cause it makes a horrible noise that sounds like they broke your back. Facial expression is PRICESSLESS. Mind you my back has been fucked up for some years now after my car accident so feeling it get popped is amazing but it does cause me to not be able to move for half a minute or so.

But now that my other half knows, now he wont freak out so much after hearing it :P He still swears up and down he thought he broke my back.

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Forgot to update people that meeting Schan's family as far as I know went really well. I got them to laugh so I guess that is a plus :P I think the only one that didn't like me was a dog that they adopted that was abused but they said, "Oh keep coming over! He will get used to you then after a few times". So I am guessing if they didn't like me that wouldn't have been said.

After that Schan and I hung out and watch The Big Bang Theory until I had to leave for work at 10:30pm. I tried to get my days off to match his without any luck. But after last night he talked to my g-ma and said he is going to be changeing that and put in to get his days off to match mine.

Too sweet.

Hope everyone has a good morning. I am going to be going home, passing out until 3ish and then get ready for a dinner date, and more Big Bang. :)