Angelina (glowstickk) wrote,

Forgot to update people that meeting Schan's family as far as I know went really well. I got them to laugh so I guess that is a plus :P I think the only one that didn't like me was a dog that they adopted that was abused but they said, "Oh keep coming over! He will get used to you then after a few times". So I am guessing if they didn't like me that wouldn't have been said.

After that Schan and I hung out and watch The Big Bang Theory until I had to leave for work at 10:30pm. I tried to get my days off to match his without any luck. But after last night he talked to my g-ma and said he is going to be changeing that and put in to get his days off to match mine.

Too sweet.

Hope everyone has a good morning. I am going to be going home, passing out until 3ish and then get ready for a dinner date, and more Big Bang. :)

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