Angelina (glowstickk) wrote,

...Had a good LOL moment...

stuck at work until 7am...then heading to my friends to play D&D in the morning. But I am feeling like a dumb shit cause I have to drive ALL the way home before to pick up my dice and character sheet because I failed to grab them before work.

In other news, I leave you with a LOL moment. I find it very funny when someone offers to crack your back and after they do they freak out cause it makes a horrible noise that sounds like they broke your back. Facial expression is PRICESSLESS. Mind you my back has been fucked up for some years now after my car accident so feeling it get popped is amazing but it does cause me to not be able to move for half a minute or so.

But now that my other half knows, now he wont freak out so much after hearing it :P He still swears up and down he thought he broke my back.

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