Angelina (glowstickk) wrote,

Alive and well...

I just want to let everyone know I am still alive. Just alot is going on right now in my life (and no, none of it is bad). And I am just doing my best to just live life the best to my ability.

Schan and I are doing really well. We celebrated 3 months last week and it was a fantastic time what all we did. We are both looking forward to next month cause we will be driving to Seattle/Portland to visit my family. This will be the first time in almost 8 years that this side of my family will meet someone I am involved with. I have met most of Schan's immediate family and they seem to really like me. Heck I even heard Thanksgiving/Christmas being talked about.

Anyways here is alittle cute picture I will care to share with everyone :)

Little Audrey holding "Auntie Bear's" (that would be me) fingers hostage while she sleeps. Schan was the one holding her when this picture was taken.

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